Wednesday, October 12, 2016 Blogger Outed As Judy Chavez

First, we want to explain the reason for this dox of@RadioNewzBlog

For years the woman behind the @RadioNewzBlog account has been lying to people she claimed were her friends. Not only did she lie to them, but she created multiple sock accounts and attacked them on Twitter using private information she had gleaned from her false friendship. @RadioNewzBlog would then try to blame the sock accounts on other people and incite infighting. The worst of the sock accounts always had the name “Sammy” in them.

In one case, a very successful Florida attorney thought @RadioNewzBlog was her friend and could be trusted. Meanwhile, @RadioNewzBlog was taking information privately shared about this attorney’s family life and other private situations and creating sock accounts to attack the attorney who she was pretending was her friend. She even went so far as to try to convince the attorney that her ex husband or other friends were ratting her out and creating these sock accounts.

Finally one day, @RadioNewzBlog made a huge mistake. In her hurry to set up one of her “Sammy” sock accounts, she overlooked a new feature on Twitter that asks users to put in their phone # when setting up a new account. Twitter will do this if they see multiple new accounts from the same IP. @RadioNewzBlog went ahead and set up the account @SammyInFL using her mobile phone # 678-525-4995 which is the same mobile phone # @RadioNewzBlog used to frequently call her friend the attorney and the same phone # which was the recovery phone # on her email account.

This was discovered because the attorney used the ‘Find Friends’ feature on Twitter. This feature allows someone to import their “address book” of contacts and to locate other accounts on Twitter that are using an email or phone # that is in the imported address book. This Twitter feature will then email and notify when anyone on their contact list “joins” Twitter. The attorney received a notification that one of her contacts had joined Twitter and the associated account was @SammyInFL and the phone # associated to that was the phone # of this woman who had pretended to be her friend all these years,  when in fact she was the one setting up the attack sock accounts.

There is no doubt this is what happened and there are screen shots to prove it here are just some of them and Instead @RadioNewzBlog would have us all believe that a successful high powered attorney would resort to setting up a fake sock account to attack herself to get back at someone she thought was her friend over some unnamed “blog post dispute”. Yea right.

But, that’s not all. For years @RadioNewzBlog has viciously attacked other people online assuming she was safe behind her mask of anonymity. @RadioNewzBlog frequently bragged about living in a big expensive house, driving a Lexus, being in her 40’s, being highly educated, married, and with a son even though she admitted to the attorney she was in her 60’s.

The reality is of course much different. @RadioNewzBlog has been divorced since 1991 and until recently lived in a 2 story 1,425sq ft town house worth approximately $136K which is currently on the market as she downsized into a similar townhouse worth approximately $106K. Needless to say, she does not drive a Lexus. 

Some of the more notable attacks by @RadioNewzBlog include calling people’s employers to try to get them fired, tweeting a man on the anniversary of his son’s death and implying he was responsible for it, attempting to interfere with the custody case of a woman’s son, and posting vile comments about other women’s private medical issues. @RadioNewzBlog also promoted the false dox of one woman causing Deric Lostutter to target an innocent person. @RadioNewzBlog has also false doxed another woman and posted defamatory content about her on her blog. She admitted her dox was wrong and yet continues to leave the defamatory post in place.

The attorney who was the friend of @RadioNewzBlog had made a personal commitment to never out her friend and even though @RadioNewzBlog turned out to be no friend, the attorney felt that ethically she needed to abide by her commitment. Thus, another individual with some skill decided to undertake the exercise of discovering who was behind @RadioNewzBlog so that perhaps that person upon discovering they might be exposed, might be prompted to change their ways and remove the defamatory content they had posted about others, take down their attack accounts, and just leave everyone alone.

Sadly, @RadioNewzBlog has demonstrated she has no moral compass and no desire to do the right thing. Her approach is to remain arrogant and continue in her attempts to threaten and intimidate her targets into silence. That will no longer work once her mask of anonymity is stripped away. The people she used to play games with and incite to attack each other have made up and now realize they were played. Everyone is onto @RadioNewzBlog and her sick games.

@RadioNewzBlog is also behind the @NinjaMoon_ account. This was confirmed by numerous people who shared private information in one on one conversations with @RadioNewzBlog only to have that same information show up on the @NinjaMoon_ account. In an email from RadioNewz here dated Oct. 9, 2016, she states she has no contact with @NinjaMoon_ and does not talk to that account. @MurtWitnessOne tweeted this picture out and 11 minutes later @NinjaMoon_ replied with a picture here where she alluded was the same woman but with longer hair, interesting given this email she sent someone years ago @NinjaMoon never questioned who was in the photo Murt tweeted  but somehow seemed to know (despite @RadioNewzBlog saying they never talked) and responded very quickly (within 11 minutes) with another picture.  Maybe Radio should re-read her @NinjaMoon_ bio because she seems to be describing herself "Psychological projection:A theory in which 1 defends themselves against their unconscious qualities by denying their existence while attributing them to others".

So who is @RadioNewzBlog?  She is Judy Kay Chavez age 69 of Norcross GA. When confronted with this fact via email on Oct. 9, 2016 and given an opportunity to do the right thing, RadioNewz instead continued to blame her friends, insisted the dox was wrong, and immediately began to try to delete all her social media accounts. In the process of deleting her social media accounts, she stole the picture of yet another innocent woman to use as her avatar. Unfortunately for RadioNewz, all of this was captured before she started deleting.

Here is how @RadioNewzBlog aka RadioNewz aka Radio’s identity was uncovered.

1.            Email source code headers from numerous emails from and from 2009 – 2012 were analyzed. At the time Radio did not use a VPN. The IP showed up repeatedly in multiple emails, even in an email sent to @McGreggorsback as seen here The IP is a residential Comcast IP and goes to Norcross Georgia. 

2.            On June 12, 2012, RadioNewz sent the following email to someone here attached was a picture RadioNewz claimed was of herself here Pay close attention to the house in the background of that picture.

3.            The IP address of was matched to that house as follows. Norcross GA is a small area, so the individual performing this dox simply went up and down all the residential streets in Norcross using Google Street View looking for houses that looked similar to the one in the picture RadioNewz sent of herself. The 2 story red brick townhomes on Oak Corners in Norcross GA were a match. More importantly the brick pattern of light/dark bricks and their placement, porch light fixture, door and door color, door trim and roof trim, etc. all match exactly to the Google street picture of the same address 3146 Corner Oak Dr. Norcross GA 30071. A 100% exact match. This is how the address of 3146 Corner Oak Drive was found. Here is the picture RadioNewz sent alongside a picture of the townhouse at 3146, they are identical

4.            The next step was to look up individuals associated with the 3146 Corner Oak Drive Norcross GA 30071 address. Judy K. Chavez age 69 was the individual associated with that address along with her ex husband Peter Chavez and her son Nicholas. RadioNewz told others that she was married with one son. Spokeo shows Judy K. (Kay) Chavez associated to this address along with her phone numbers here  The phone # of 678-525-4995 is the mobile phone # for Judy Chavez. The phone # 770-231-6101 which Google shows associated to Nicholas Chavez here This website also shows a picture of the same front of the same red brick townhouse as the picture RadioNewz sent out of herself. The 770-231-6101 phone # is actually the mobile phone # for Peter Chavez (more on that later). Peter can’t get phones, cars, or homes in his name due to a prior bankruptcy so everything is in the name of Judy or Nicholas. In fact there are lots of court documents regarding non payment of debts on Judy K. Chavez here

5.            RadioNewz claimed to have moved earlier this year to another property close by in order to downsize because her son was moving out. Judy K. Chavez appears to have moved around the same timeframe from 3146 Corner Oak (a 3 bedroom 2.5 bath townhome currently listed on MLS for about $139K here across the street and down a few doors to 3161 Corner Oak Dr. Norcross GA (a 2 bedroom 2.5 bath townhome worth about $106K). 3161 Corner Oak Dr. shows as her current address on multiple other databases as seen here

6.            RadioNewz also gave someone an email of at one point in time. Judy + middle initial K as in Judy K. Chavez. The Judyk9 Comcast email is associated to a now defunct benzo_13 photo-bucket account and a now defunct @vedavegas Twitter account.

7.            In one online post, Radio stated she had an avid interest in ham radio and this is how she came up with her “Radio” handle. Judy K. Chavez’s son Nicholas has a ham radio license call sign WQXI585 # 0025393794 associated to  5695 PeachTree Pkwy Ste A under company Promark as seen here Judy sure does like to live vicariously through others.

8.            RadioNewz claims to have come from Missouri on her RadioNewz Facebook account here Judy K. Chavez came from Missouri and her SSN was issued by the state of Missouri.

9.            Here is where it becomes indisputable that Judy K. Chavez is @RadioNewzBlog aka  The mobile phone # registered to Judy K. Chavez of 678-525-4995 is, or was in the event she’s deleted it, the recovery phone # for the RadioNewzBlog  gMail account of A video was made as proof that is the recovery email and can be seen here  

10.          The phone number 678-525-4995 could  have only been registered to Judy K. Chavez if she provided her SSN to the phone company as credit verification since this is not a pay as you go mobile phone.

11.          A call was placed to the 678-525-4995 phone # registered to Judy K. Chavez and recorded here The recording was provided to 3 other people who had spoken to RadioNewz on the phone. All 3 confirmed that was the voice of RadioNewz. Furthermore, the attorney confirmed that was the same phone # RadioNewz used to contact her.

12.          RadioNewz sent a gift from a department store in Duluth GA to another individual and it turns out she used the name Judy Chavez when she sent it.

13.          The phone # 678-478-2731 was used by RadioNewz to call someone many years ago. That person plugged an old phone back into the charger and found the number. That phone # was previously associated to Judy K. Chavez at that time as seen here  The mobile # has since been reassigned to another woman, but it belonged to Judy K. Chavez at the time Radio placed the call years ago. That is now 2 mobile phone #’s associated to RadioNewz that belong or did belong at one time to Judy K. Chavez of 3146 Corner Oak Dr. Norcross GA 30071.

14.          @knight_m0ves placed a call to phone # 770-231-6101 Peter Chavez picked up the call which was recorded here (FYI @knight_m0ves name is not Bill Sampson just in case anyone thinks it is LOL). It turns out Judy is actually divorced and has been divorced from Peter since 1991 as seen here but she lied to the attorney and everyone else stating she was still married. That’s pretty ironic considering she posted this comment about another woman she does not know and who she fail doxed on her blog “She’s just another lonely, bitter woman who likes to run around the internet telling other people what to do because her own life is so miserably out of control.” It sounds like Judy is describing herself. Maybe she should go back and read the bio of her @ninjamoon_ account again.

15.          If the above was not sufficient enough proof, there was code embedded on the website that led back to Judy as well. We won’t post the specifics here as it’s not necessary at this time.

Remember we said Judy had stolen the picture of another innocent woman and was using it as her avatar on her social media accounts to throw people off the track? Well it didn’t work and here is the proof. First again here is the Spokeo snapshot of her information. Note the photograph, her name as Judy K. Chavez, her address, and phone numbers here    She then changed her name to Sue Flannigan as seen here then deleted her FaceBook profile after this was pointed out to her as seen here The innocent woman whose picture she has stolen is Janet Thomas as seen here Mrs. Thomas appears to not have been on FaceBook since 2014, so apparently Judy felt safe stealing her photograph to impersonate her online. A not unexpected low life move from a low life.